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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 164 :: bringing out the best

18 Jun

Day 164: Overheard.

I spent the afternoon at a coffee shop. One of my favorite places to catch up on work and writing and sometimes, other people’s conversations.

It’s not like I mean to listen in to their conversations, it just seems to happen when you’re packed between cups of mocha and leather chairs, elbow to elbow, inside on a rainy day.

Today, one man, who was clearly hard of hearing, kept repeating what he was hearing in his private conversation. At higher decibels than what is typical inside a coffee shop.

I overheard every word of his conversations. Multiple times. Including the words that his ears were translating differently.

She said: “Do you believe in the father, the son and the holy ghost?
He repeated: “Do I believe in ghosts?”
She repeated: “No, I said, do you believe in the father, the son and the holy ghost?”
He said: “No, I don’t believe in ghosts.”

And so it went on for hours. He misinterpreted her words. She repeated them. He repeated them again. And on and on.

At first, it was annoying as I wished I had brought my headphones to drown out the noise. And then it was amusing as he kept changing the meaning of their conversation. And finally, it was quite inspiring.

She was so patient with him, repeating and repeating and repeating with love in her voice what she was saying. As he was trying his best. Wanting to hear. Wanting to understand.

As I sat there trying not to listen, and not being able to help it, I kept thinking about her incredible depth of patience. To repeat herself until he really heard, until he could understood.

And, then, later today I received this:

And I realize, tonight, as I write this blog post, that she was doing just that. She was bringing out the absolute best in him. The stranger in the coffee shop that was hard of hearing. The woman with her patience for repeating. For all of us listening.

It has me thinking about the power of patience.
And listening.
And higher goals.
Higher vibrations.

More tomorrow.

Now…it’s time to listen to my body. Yoga time!


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