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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 187 :: travel tuesday

12 Jul

Day 187: Meditation Room.

I forgot to yoga today.. and now my plane is delayed. I must find an airport corner to do something calming. I also forgot to find the meditation room here at SEATAC airport. Apparently, there is one.

Instead, I found the Starbucks. Or, at least one of the Starbucks. And some coffee.

And now, I’m almost off on a jet plane. But before I fly, I wonder what would happen if airports had as many meditation rooms as they have Starbucks?

There’s an idea….the perfect airport:

  • Meditation rooms at every corner (instead of TV’s blaring bad news).
  • Electrical outlets at every chair (instead of one at a post that has fifteen people sitting on top off each other waiting their turn).
  • Seats without bars for armrests (so you can lay down somewhere while delayed).
  • I might even add a pet store too… you know, just to see cute puppies. (How calming would that be?)

Then again, maybe just a meditation room would fix all of the above.
And now, I must find a spot to do yoga…

More tomorrow.


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