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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 191 :: uncharted territory 

16 Jul

Day 191: Discover.

New things.
I tried Core Power Yoga today while I am here in Chicago. The biggest bonus? They offer a free week trial. Sooooo yeah, can’t beat that.

I went in this morning expecting this:

It was more like this (because it was a SCULPT class… gulp!):

But I came out like feeling like this:

Mostly because I made it through the power heat, cardio inspired, bench pressing, vinyasa, jump roping, squatting sweat induced saga.

And also because this is the first of a kind for me since surgery. I haven’t pushed my upper body this far for two years. I haven’t dared to try. But now I know, I can do it. (Maybe not the entire routine, I still go at my own pace, but I can do it).

It felt great. Both the sweat dripping down my arms but also the pure discovery of finding out how far I can stretch. And lift. And bend.

And even though it was like 30% yoga, it was 100% heart.
The core of all great discoveries.

More tomorrow.

{got heart?)

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