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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 196 :: just dance

21 Jul

Day 196: Summer.

Tonight, I danced. And it’s a good reminder for me. To dance with life.

We went to a summer festival outdoor concert. The night was hot, the music by Rabbit Wilde was great and the dancing was on. (So was the sweat.)

Kids. Elderly. Parents. Teens. Grandmas. Babies. Me. All dancing.

As we left, I asked Jill if dancing counted as my yoga tonight, and she said “sure!” because dance is the highest form of yoga. Or that was how yoga started. Or something that tied yoga and dance together.

Anyhoo… my point is… sometimes you do what you can do and that is a good thing to do. And tonight…. I danced. Me! I don’t normally dance without copious amounts of alcohol going through my veins. But tonight, all I had was Thai food and two little girls who wanted to dance.

And it’s a good reminder to me…. to dance.
To dance with life.

Just dance.

More tomorrow.


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