JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 199 :: what will happen next?

24 Jul

Day 199: Halfway.

We are halfway through the year. Just over the hump. Slightly on the downhill side. I’m starting to connect the dots of where this promise is taking me. How about you?

What have you noticed so far?
What is happening in your world?
What is unfolding in new ways for you?
Any surprises?
Anything new?
Anything old?

From here on out through the rest of year I begin to form my next promise. October is when it usually comes together, during the harvest, the time when everything starts to make sense.

We are not there yet, but I am starting to see a few pops of color. Starting to see the outline of what’s to come. What I am learning? What is going to unfold next?

Much like tonight’s sunset.

It’s beautiful and yet still mysterious. The colors are just popping, keeping my attention while I watch to see what will happen next.

Doing yoga every damn day has been a trip so far. One that has taken a different turn than I expected. I am not thinner (darn). I am slightly stronger (good). I am not calmer (bummer). But I am more deeply aware (interesting).

The year will move us all forward, with a few surprises I’m sure.
And just like the sunset I’m wondering…
What will happen next?

More tomorrow.


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