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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 212 olympic dreams

7 Aug

Day 212: Goals.

Oh, Summer Olympics!
You’ve held my attention since I was a little girl, jumping off my cousin Amy’s swingset trying to stick the dismount. A perfect landing!!! Hot summer nights. So many skinned knees, but so many big dreams.

Oh, Summer Olympics, you hold so many goals and dreams…. and hearts.

The passion, the pain, the perfection. The training. The INCREDIBLE training. Talk about Promises. And, I must admit, it makes my yoga promise look a little lame. (It’s a good thing yoga isn’t a competition… yet.)

Even with the controversies, or the injuries, or the high flying world breaking records, and all the routines of a lifetime… the Olympics hold it all.

Even the dreams of that little girl flying off a swingset.

More tomorrow.

{flying high}

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