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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 236 :: amy’s tip

22 Aug

Day 236: That’s so yin of you.

I am officially on vacation. In the middle of a lake. On a houseboat. (Maybe even a bit inebriated…maybe? That’s so not yoga of me.) But the blog goes on!

There will be a few tips and tricks and inspiring notes this week from friends far and wide. Today’s tip comes from my dear friend, Amy Leigh Mercree. She is a bestselling author, wellness expert and all around inspiration.

Amy’s Yoga Tip:
My favorite yoga tip is to take restorative yoga. It’s the most relaxing and restful yoga I’ve ever done. And exactly what I’m looking for in a new yoga class. Bonus points if the instructor uses essential oil sprays or comes around and put essential oil on you while you’re in a posture.

Restorative yoga is yin, very feminine. I use that time to nurture my feminine side because we live in a world that is so action oriented. In a typical class you stay in a posture anywhere between five and 15 minutes. But you’re completely supported using bolsters blankets and blocks. So it’s really a deep stretch without any tension. After class, you feel softer, looser and more relaxed. Now that’s my kind of yoga!

You can see more from Amy at:
@amyleighmercree on Instagram, snapchat, and Twitter.

Plus! Check out Amy’s new book:

Vacation. All I ever wanted… Vacation… happy to get away.

More tomorrow.


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