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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 238 :: stacy’s tip

24 Aug

Day 238: Opening Up.

I am officially on vacation. In the middle of a lake. On a houseboat. (Maybe even a bit inebriated…maybe? That’s so not yoga of me.) But the blog goes on!

Today’s tip is from my dear friend, Stacy. She is a yogi extraordinaire, acupuncturist and so much more!

Stacy’s Tip:
When I want to feel free, open up my breath, and release stress and tension, this is one of my favorite asana.

When done correctly, Parivrtta Upavishta Konasana opens the meridians that have everything to do with that’s happening in our pelvis, low back and hips. Most people store a lot of pain, tension and emotion in this part of their bodies. Unlocking this is a key to freeing up huge amounts of energy that can be used to support your vitality.

In this picture I am reaching out through both of my heels and my right sitz bone is reaching for the mat. The tip of my tailbone is lifted, inner thighs spin down and back. My spine is long. My lower arm is pressing against my inner thigh to give me leverage to twist and open my right side chest to the sky. I extended my top arm straight up to the sky then over my head towards my left toes. With that full extension, I then bent my elbow to relax into the stretch of my side body and my breath.

There are several meridians opened in this pose. These are the primary ones: Gall Bladder, Spleen, Kidney, Heart, Urinary Bladder, and Dai Mai. Which ones are opened, depends on where one places the emphasis and internal energetic awareness of the pose.

Find out more about Stacy’s work in the world. Plus! She is leading a yoga retreat in Guatemala next year if you want a little adventure and a lot of yoga!

Vacation. All I ever wanted… Vacation… happy to get away.

More tomorrow.


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