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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 242 :: lizzy’s tip

28 Aug

Day 242: Tiny Weights, Big Pain.

It’s the last day of vacation. And while I am in the middle of a lake, most likely crying my eyes out because I have to go home tomorrow… the blog goes on!

Today’s tip is from Lizette. The irony of this post is that I reported on my accidental core sculpt class a few weeks ago.

Thanks to Lizette for this yoga tip and a big thank you for taking us on vacation in the first place. We love you, Lizette!!!

Lizette’s Tip:
Two things I learned from yoga sculpt:

  1. Choose of the weight of your weights wisely
  2. Beware of the add-on.

It all begins in warrior one. Then, beware, if the instructor says, “would you like more of a challenge?” Realize you won’t be able to walk the next day.

It’s ironic because the challenge of the add-on is called a “micro” bend. There’s nothing micro about it. While doing the movement it feels tiny, and you don’t think you are doing any damage, but believe me, you will not be able to walk down the steps the next day.

Your initial reps with three pounds may not feel like much but believe me…
Tiny weights. Big pain.

So…..vacation is almost over. I will be back live tomorrow with photos and I’m sure a few antics to report from Lake Powell. See you then!

More tomorrow.

{vacation – almost over}

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