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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 237 :: you always remember your first

30 Aug

Day 237: So many firsts.

I am home. On dry land. Tired, sleepy-eyed and remembering vacation as if it were a mirage in the desert. So, now, I recap and recall each day of our trip, one by one. Starting right now.
Lake Powell Day 1:

It was a trip with many first. So many we counted the “firsts” each day of the trip.
On the first day of the trip, we discovered it was the….

  • First time in Colorado (Courtney)
  • First time in Utah (Courtney)
  • First Road Soda (don’t ask)
  • First time on a Sea Doo (Jamie + Courtney)
  • First time to Lake Powell (Most of us!)
  • First time on a House Boat (Most of us!)
  • First time using a Garlic Roller (Jamie and Courtney)
  • First Putting up Bimini Top on a Malibu Boat (Courtney)
  • First time lifting a Sea Doo onto the top of a Houseboat (All)
  • First time doing yoga on a Houseboat (Jamie)
  • First time doing night time sand yoga (Jamie)

And for Courtney….it was the first day of the trip to get pushed into the water. But believe me… not the last.

More tomorrow.

{so many firsts}

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