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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 244 hot, hot, hot

7 Sep

Day 244: Chicago hot.

It’s hot here in Chicago. And I feel like I can’t drink enough water to keep my sweat in balance. I’m convinced 80 degrees in Chicago equals 100 degrees on the West Coast (or the left coast).

I’m so over it. And yet,I like it. Because I know as soon as I go home the pool will be closed. Summer will be over. The leaves will be yellow. And fall will be in full swing.

Hot or not.
It’s the last goodbye to summer.

Which has me thinking about my promise. My year of yoga. My promise to do more for myself. So much has happened and yet, so little has changed. Fall will bring with it a sweeping awareness, as it always does. It is always in October. The month of the harvest. The time when my promise begins to unfold.

And I’m ready for the adventure.
How about you?

More tomorrow.


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