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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 255 :: golden girls

18 Sep

Day 255: Par-Tea.

As the weekend comes to a close and the Emmy’s are ending I’m thinking of the Golden Girls. Both the four dynamic actresses and my two college friends – Laura and Lisa.

When we were in our twenties Laura, Lisa and I shared a house together in Boston and we made a pact that we would all move back in together when we were old ladies. That was before marriages and jobs and children and life. And yet, it still seems like a good plan in so many ways. Women do live longer than men…

But to get to the golden oldies I’ve come to realize that I need to be golden at all ages. And soooo…. I introduce you to my new find…. Golden Milk!

It is supposed to support/boost the immune system. Based in turmeric (which apparently is an ancient miracle worker) and other good stuff like gingers and pepper depending on your recipe, it’s mixed with milk. It tastes like a chai tea. It’s become my nighttime ritual.

I’m in love. With the color (bright yellow and so happy) and the thought of how it is so, so, so good for me. To keep me golden. For my girls (all my girls)!

Namaste, Lisa and Laura.

More tomorrow.

{feeling golden?}

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