JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 259 :: kindness randomly acting

22 Sep

Day 259: More Love.

My friend Diane believes in the greater good. She should know, she has a heart of gold. And I’ve been thinking of that tonight for many reasons.

The Greater Good.
Diane sends me 4-letter words all the time. Words like “Good” are 4-letter words in her book. So are “Love” and “Care” and “Give.”

So today, when I was challenged to take on a Random Act of Kindness this week, I thought immediately of Diane. She talks about Random Acts of Kindness all the time. She SENDS me random acts of kindness almost every single day in little email notes. And she calls them a 4-letter word: RAOK.

Okay, it’s one she made up so it’s really an acronym but who’s counting here… it fits my story so I’m sticking with it.

This week will be devoted to RAOK. Who knows what I will do? I don’t know yet. I’m hoping the moment will find me. Suggested ideas are:

  • Pay for someone’s coffee
  • Leave a love note
  • Give (anything!) to a good cause
  • Pay for the toll of the car behind you

I LOVE this game. My heart is roaring with RAOK. I want to shout it out the window. RAAAAAOOOOOKKKKK!!

But that might ruin the surprise. Or scare the neighbors.

Want to join me?
RAOK on!

(And… if you see Diane, give her a random act of wonderful kindness from me!)

More tomorrow.


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