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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 267 :: gentleness

29 Sep

Day 267: So easy. 

It’s so ironic. This promise of mine. I never know what I am signing up for and then somewhere in the middle of the year something starts to happen. I realize that what  thought I was doing is not what I end up doing, or what ends up happening. 

And so far this year, we are right on track.

My yoga promise continues. And somewhere in the middle of this I have started to evolve into something I didn’t expect. Something so very gentle. And easy.

I thought my yoga adventure would take me to the edge of my physical capacities. It has, instead, taken me to the edge of my heart. Right into the soft spot of kindness that resides in there, gentle, graceful and all loving.

The ironic part of this is that I have found a gentle lovingness for something so very important, and it’s been right under my nose all along. My body.

I am realizing how so very strong She is. So very resilient. So incredibly consistent. And so beautiful in her grace. She has been through so much. And I have pushed her so very hard. Even when She didn’t want to be pushed and pulled. Through so many laps around a gym, a track, under basketball hoops and over sand. She has been pulled through hospitals and emergency rooms and surgical centers.

Each and every time, She has come out stronger and for the better.

Not ironically, it has been She that has been there for me, throughout my entire life. And now, I am realizing that I need to be here for her.

I took a bath last week, and while covered in soapy suds and hot water, I saw Her for the first time. I mean, I really saw Her. And what I noticed was how incredibly beautiful she has always been. In her strength, her stamina and her ability to rebound through decades and decades of pushing and pulling and pulverizing at my will.

And now, it seems, in this year of my attempt to do yoga every damn day, She has risen, spoken, appeared to remind me of her incredible grace. She is calling me to be a kinder, gentler version of myself. Even though it has taken me a long time to listen, I am all ears, waiting to hear what else she has to say.


More tomorrow.


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