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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 283 :: yoga on the run

16 Oct

Day 283: Travel Day.

I’m learning to do yoga on the run. In an airport or train or bus. Just pulling and stretching and bending in the moment to calm, to breathe, to deepen into the experience which is most of the time standing in a long, stressful line.

It makes the time go by faster – and easier.

So tonight, I’m in Chicago, just landed and all tucked into my room. As I settled in, I pulled this up on my phone (thank you DeAnne!). It reminds me of the importance of being “new” to yoga all over again. Feeling the stretch and the moves and my body in each pose.

Even if I’m just standing in line at the airport, remembering to breathe.
Namaste long lines, namaste.

More tomorrow.


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