JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 311 :: choosing

14 Nov

Day 311: The Stretch.

This year I chose yoga every damn day. You would think I would be all stretched out by now. In so many ways, I am not. I am tighter. I am stiffer. I am not so stretchy. I am a bit disappointed.

I asked Jill, my resident yoga expert, about this tonight and she reminded me of something important. The chatter.

There is so much chatter in the brain, or at least there was for me when I first started doing yoga. As a newbie yogi, I watched the clock. I counted the time. I watched the instructors every move. I mimicked the instructors every move. I watched the people next to me. I mimicked the people next to me. I noticed what others were wearing. I compared it to what I was wearing. I kept track of who did poses better than me. I kept track of how many poses I could do better than others. I let my eyes drift. I let my mind wonder. And then it started all over again. With each pose.

This is the chatter.

And then, somewhere along the lines of a longer yoga practice (months or years for some, decades for others), the chatter turns off. The clock melts away. The other mats don’t matter so much. The instructor becomes a guide to the adventure, not just an exact statue to copycat. The chatter fades away into the pose. Holding the pose and being inside the pose. And this… THIS… is when you begin to feel it. Your body.

Because when you give up the chatter, you start to live in your body.

I can say that I fully feel my body now. Instead of the distraction of the chatter. Jill reminded me of this tonight. And maybe that’s why I don’t feel quite so stretched out, or flexible, or nimble. Or advanced. Because I am now paying attention to my own muscles, legs, arms, feet, hands, fingers, toes — each and every one. Noticing everything about them, what they can do and how far they can go.

It’s a good reminder, really. The deeper we go the more aware we become.

Namaste, Stretchy-ness. Namaste.

More tomorrow.


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