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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 361 :: going rogue

26 Dec

Day 361: One.

Da da daaaa da, da da daaaa da, da, daaaa, da, da, da…..
Tonight we went rogue.

Rogue One.

It was so good. So good! So good! (you can say that Fenway Park-style if you know what I mean).

It may not be the best Star Wars ever made but it was certainly a trip worth taking. I think what I appreciate most of all is the joy of feeling like a kid again watching the big screen with our now extended family of little nieces. I think we were all wide-eyed and curious. It’s the kind of thing Christmas Break is made of.

Speaking of Christmas Break there will be no Yoga Shred tonight either! Oy vey, I’m on a roll! But there was downward dogging and stretching and yoga all the same. Because I may be not be shredding but the force still runs strong in this one.

And…if you wish, you can still join the Shred course here.
Namaste, Force. Namaste.

More tomorrow.

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