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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 364 :: a year of yoga pants

29 Dec

Day 364: For real.

If this were a regular year, tomorrow would be the last day of my yoga promise. It would be my last required yoga practice. But since it’s a leap year there are two more days to go. Extra credit? Maybe. More trickery from 2016? Probably.

I am in full-on reflection mode. It’s what happens at this time of year, maybe you are too? As you look back and zoom forward seeing all that is in your past and what is in your path ahead.

Looking back, I see a year of yoga pants. Lots of yoga pants. And stretchy fitting yoga tops. I have practically lived in my yoga clothes this year, waiting for the moment I will surrender to my daily practice.

Leaping forward, I don’t see that changing. I will probably still be in yoga pants every damn day. It’s the “jeans” of our generation. It’s the uniform of choice. And quite frankly they are downright comfy soft chic. Yes, that’s a thing.

Looking back, I also realize that I have both loved and loathed my yoga practice. It has been opening and softening. It has been painful and pressure packed. It has been easy and graceful. It’s amazing how the same thing can be so different from day to day. Just goes to show how much can change in one day.

Zooming forward, I’m wondering how much can change in one year. I’m never the same person on Day 365 as I was on Day 1. It’s how this process works. I should know that by now. But it always surprises me. Will I do yoga in the future? Hell yes. Will I do it everyday. Maybe. Maybe not. Will it change over time. Oh, yes.

And that is the power of a promise. We don’t see all the little changes that add up day to day. But when we look at all of them over the journey of a year we see magic. Powerful magic.

And lots of yoga pants.
Namaste, Yoga Pants. Namaste.

More tomorrow.

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