JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 366 :: it’s been a year of yoga

31 Dec

Day 366: 2016.

One. Big. Year. Doing yoga every damn day! Even on trains. And planes. Here’s how this crazy year unfolded…

From trains to the “plains” I saw landscapes that took my breath away. Thank you, Amtrak! What an amazing adventure, doing yoga on a train can be:

I did yoga on planes too: (Thank you Southwest Airlines)

I did yoga near the water:

And amongst the tulips too:

Then I did yoga on top of mountains. And I mean… REALLY big mountains.
(Who knew I lived so close to these majestic wonders? Than you Stacy!)

From Denver to Dallas, and Illinois to Arizona, I did yoga on the road:

And inside the depth of canyons at Lake Powell:

I had yogi friends come and visit!

And had lots of fun with my favorite little yogis too!

Pup did yoga in my suitcase:

Brady did yoga on my dresser:

Both of them turned into little yogi knots under blankets:

I spotted a starfish doing yoga on the shore:

I bought a pair of (gasp!) Birkenstocks fit for a yogi… (they really are comfy):

And I did glow in the dark yoga on Halloween!

All year long, I learned so much more from my resident Yogi expert, Jill:

But mostly I did yoga at home. In my office. On the floor. With my mat. And usually a dog nearby. This is what I have come to believe is the true sign of a dedicated yogi — the ability to do yoga anywhere. Under any circumstances. In any place. Any time.

Even if it’s taking a deep breath. One after the other.

And from all of that I learned this: to be gentler and kinder to my zen self. I did not lose weight, I did not turn into a yoga superpower, I did not even do a headstand. But I did do this: chilled the freak out.

In fact, I feel so full of zen-ness I kind of want to go hit a ball. No, seriously. After all this yoga my body wants to play. To play a game with other people where we all go after a shared goal with a ball (and maybe a racket and cute skirt?). And, yes, to smack the hell out of that tennis ball would feel really nice. I have no idea why? Just sounds like fun.

But seriously…. I have learned so much from this year of twists and turns. Mostly, it has reinforced the fact that you CAN do anything. Even yoga – every single day – for a year.

Sometimes it’s not your best, something it’s your worst. And sometimes it’s amazingly powerful. You learn your body can do more than you ever dreamed (CROW!) even though it’s less than what all those perfect yogi people do in all the magazines. You CAN do more than you think. You just have to keep trying.

You just have to show up.

That’s the magic of any promise, or intention, or wish. My wish for you is that this New Year brings you all of your desires and hopes  …and more.  

Tomorrow is 2017 and I will be back. Oh, my dear Lord, I can’t believe I’m saying this… But yes, a New Year starts tomorrow and I’ve got a New Promise — do you? (I will share mine tomorrow, right here on this blog.)

Namaste, Yoga Every Damn Day. Namaste.

More tomorrow.

{Ready for 2017?} 

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