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1 Jan

Day 1: Being Kind.

And here we go!  It’s a New Year. And with that comes a new promise. So… here we are:  2017 will be my Intentional Acts of Kindness Promise. It’s kind of like Random of Acts of Kindness but with more purpose.

After last year’s “Year of Yoga” and learning the depth of kindness, AND witnessing all the events of the world around me, I am dedicating 2017 to Kindness. I think we all need it, and I have a few people to thank.

1. Diane: yes, you! Diane could be my mother or grandmother. She is older but WISER in so many ways. Diane writes to me almost every day sharing what she read on my blog and what that means in her life. She has been reminding me of the power of 4-letter words for a few years now. Her best 4-letter word is, you guessed it, “KIND” and she kindly reminds me of this in her daily emails. Diane – this year is dedicated to you!

2. Amy: my dear friend Amy has been inspiring me with her message of kindness for years now. She is a teacher of joy and kindness. She is a high vibrational friend, one who lives from the heart. Check her out here. Amy – yes, this is also inspired by you too!

3. Feng Shui! I have spent the last three days “fenging” our space if you will. Furniture has moved, the energy is changing, the intentions are in place. Broken items have been thrown out, burnt out light bulbs have been replaced, and most important — intentions have been made. And now I begin 2017 with intentions in my heart.

So here we are again at Day One.
2017 will be a year of Intentional Acts of Kindness. I have no idea where it will take me. I have no idea what will happen, but my intention is to be kind, to you, to me, to those who present themselves in need. Kindness is not just a matter of being nice or patient, sometimes it is listening, sometimes it’s knowing when to say no, sometimes it’s an act of courage, sometimes it is just a shared moment.

Whatever Kindness has in store… I’m about to find out.
What does KINDNESS mean to you?

More tomorrow.

{Happy 2017} 

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