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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 2 :: kind of a kickoff 

2 Jan

Oh, January!

It’s an official KIND of day. The first real day of my promise in action. It’s KIND of like learning to ride a bike. Or ice skate. Or surf. I feel like I’m falling or at least teetering a bit. It’s the first day of taking the training wheels off and having to put the pedal to the metal.

I had to stop myself from doing yoga tonight. Out of habit. Well, I really didn’t STOP doing yoga but I found myself on the floor stretching thinking that I had DONE it! Check, Check! Promise for Day One, DONE.

That was so last year.

So now I find myself wondering what kindness is… I mean, I KNOW what it feels like. I especially know what it feels like when I am NOT being kind. But how do you put acton behind your kind thoughts? And be proactively kind. In a way that you can check it off the box for a day’s promise well done?

I’m not sure yet. Send me thoughts if you have some.

So, today, I reverted to what I do know about kindness. Sharing. I shared a Daily Planner that I have been perfecting for a year now for myself. It’s simple. It’s easy. And I shared it with some of my women friends.

And guess what?! Tomorrow…I am going to share it with YOU!
See you tomorrow kind soul.

More tomorrow.


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