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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 6 :: 4-letter friday 

6 Jan

Over the border.

Oh, Canada! My home and native….neighbor?

It’s Day 6 of my Kindness Promise. How ironic that I would travel over the border to Canada? To the Land of Kindness. I mean if there was a “Kindness” Olympics the gold might go to Canada. They are so….nice.

Which brings me to this: my first 4-Letter Friday. This will be a weekly series dedicated to 4-letter words (that’s for you Diane!).  Today’s 4-letter word is dedicated to the word NICE. As in Canadian Nice.

Even the Canadian patrol guard at the border grilled me with a smile. No wonder the park is called Peace Arch.

I drove to Canada to pick up a friend at the airport. And I feel like it was a very intentional act of kindness for me to go to Canada to pick up my friend at the Vancouver airport. 😉

And…what did I realize? Canada is so freaking close. I mean, SO CLOSE. Like…. RIGHT HERE. I was over the border in less than a half hour.

And….It was a fun adventure!

And… Beautiful!

And… Canadians are so nice!

It made me realize that kindness is a two-way street. We give and then we get. And that’s how it works.

Here’s to being NICE, kind soul.

More tomorrow.

P.S.  Challenge #1 is still on!  Are you Practicing Respect?
If you choose to accept this challenge, try one of the following acts:
– admire someone with kind words
– point out a particular and appreciated detail with kind words
– use thoughtful words to compliment someone on an achievement



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