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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 14 :: kindness in football

14 Jan


We started our day by watching The Brady Six. It’s an ESPN documentary that tells the story of how Tom Brady went from the 199th pick in the NFL to be the best of the best (even better than all those other draft picks ahead of him).

It also tells the story of grit, determination, and heart.
It also makes us cry. Every time we watch it.

So tonight, while watching the Patriots game (nail biter) I had to ask myself. Is there kindness in football?

“There’s no kindness in football!” I heard my head say. There is hitting and smashing and strategic annihilation. But kindness?

Could there possibly be kindness in football? I mean, other than the PSA commercials that happen in between major sponsored ads showcasing large men in tights doing nice things for the community, like reading books to children. But really, that’s after the fact. Inside the game of football is there any ounce of kindness?

Could there be kindness on the field? While helmets smash and bodies go flying about the end zone and into the injury zone? No. Definitely not.

What about in the stands? The locker room? The parking lot? The living rooms around the world tuning into the game. Ehhhhh….

But then I thought back to the tear-jerking Brady Six documentary…. and all the heart and soul of all of those little boys and high school stars and college players and NFL hopefuls. There must be kindness there?

And then I realized…. there IS kindness in football. It’s found inside the fabric of a dream. In little kid dreams. In their preparation and training. In their parents carting them around to countless practices and tournaments so that they may continue living out their dream for as long as it lasts.

And that’s what the Brady Six is really all about. Our dreams. For ourselves. For our children. For the underdog, doggedly preparing every single day every when no one is looking. When no one believes in them. When nobody else thinks they can do it. Except they know, somewhere inside themselves that … they can.

There is kindness in that type of dream. No matter what team you love or root for or follow or play for, there is kindness in winning because it is the culmination of our collective dream to keep DREAMING alive.

What could be kinder than that?
(Minus all the injuries of course!)

More tomorrow.

P.S. Challenge #2 Is On: Confidence 
If you choose to accept this challenge, please join me in

  • Feeling certain. Tap in and trust your most kind self.
  • Believe in the best of any situation. Hold onto and trust that the most kind outcome will be yours.


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