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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 24 :: patience and breathing

24 Jan

Oh, Doggies.

Today two little doggies taught me patience. And how to breathe.

I caught Pup all curled up next to his bed chewing on something. Something plastic. As I looked closer I saw it was a candle lighter. A butane candle lighter and the end was chewed off. Plastic shards sat on the carpet. Brady looked up from across the room like he wasn’t the one who snagged it from on top of the counter in the first place.

Then I freaked out. And called Jaynane (a nurse) who told me to call the Vet. The Vet told me they would call me back because they to research it since they had never had this happen before with any of their patients. (Oy. Vey).

Then Pup vomited.
Then I called the Vet back to report the dog vomited.
Then I called my Dad.
Then the Vet called back and I hung up with my Dad.
The Vet told me to watch for signs of lethargy since the dog already vomited they would induce it again. Then they gave me the emergency after hours number and wished me luck.

I called my Dad back. He reminded me of the “fun” of dog ownership.
Then I called my Medicine Woman.

And somewhere in the middle of all that my new Apple Watch that was silently sitting on my left arm (an early birthday gift) began to buzz. The screen lit up and it said, “Breathe”.

Then I laughed. Out loud.
And then I remembered that patience and breathing go hand in hand. Even if it takes a reminder from the watch that sits on your hand.

Breathing… is a form of kindness.

More tomorrow.

P.S.  Kindness Challenge #3: Patience
If you choose to accept this challenge, please join me in

  • Breathing kindness in and out
  • Waiting and knowing that all is lining up perfectly for you
  • Be kind. Your timing is divine.


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