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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 28 :: sharing and books

28 Jan


I love to read. So today I am celebrating books.

Books and ideas turn me on. I am a brainy-nerdy-book-reading student of big ideas. But I never have the time to read all the books sitting on my bookshelf. I start most of them, I finish some of them, I barely crack open a few of them.

So I really love this…

Today, I spoke with Steve Cunningham, the CEO of ReadItFor.Me today. He offered to share a little gift with all of my network. (I think that is KIND and nice so I’m sharing tonight on the blog.)

Read It For Me sends free book summaries of all the latest business book reads.
There’s no catch or credit card required. If you want a free month, all you have to do is go here and fill out a quick form, and then will set up your account.

Pure disclaimer, if loads of people sign up I get a bonus membership to, so there’s that little perk. Only sign up if it will benefit you! 😉

Now on to some of the books I love… here’s my top Biz Books:

Purple Cow
Eat That Frog
The One Thing
The Art of War
The New Rules of Marketing & PR

More tomorrow….

P.S. Kindness Challenge #4: Celebrate
If you choose to accept this challenge, please join me in

  • Celebrate the GOOD in life!
  • Who can you celebrate?
  • What can you celebrate?

{love books?}

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