JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 47 :: 4-letter word friday

17 Feb


It’s Friday. And today’s 4-Letter Word Friday is dedicated to this doozie:  WAIT

Because I am waiting.
I am in a hotel room in Washington D.C., waiting for my friends to arrive.

This is my old stomping grounds. I landed today at the beautiful Reagan National Airport and walked right into a wave of nostalgia. Memories of my first job, my first apartment, my first walk into the Real World as I walked down the grand hall.

I am now sitting in a hotel room waiting for my dear friends to arrive. The women who have known me since our college days. It seems like a daze now, the girl in me who was in college then and the young lady who lived in Washington D.C. after.

Today I realized….
I have forgotten how to use the Metro.
I got off at the wrong stop.
My old neighborhood has blossomed into a sea of highrise buildings.
Nothing looks the same so many years and moves later.

And yet…..some things still do.

The historic buildings running by the window of my Metro seat stand tall.
The Irish Pub down the street from my old apartment stands strong.

And so it goes…
As I WAIT for my dear friends to arrive, I realize I spent many of those years that I lived in this Capital City waiting for the ME to appear that sits here.

I so desperately wanted to know who SHE would be, twenty years later. All Grown Up. The joke, of course, is on me. The world keeps changing as I know now, and if we WAIT for something way out in the future to arrive, well, we miss the train…(or get off at the wrong stop).

And yet, I also see the beauty and kindness that blooms within the waiting. Friendships grow stronger. Roots grow deeper. Classics become timeless evermore.

While so much of the world will always change, there’s comfort in knowing some things stand tall and strong. And…of course, if you get off at the wrong stop you can always get back on the train.

Enjoy. The. Wait.

More tomorrow….


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