JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  :: DAY 49 strength

19 Feb

And Hope. 


Sitting in our nation’s capital is a powerful reminder to me. I am reminded of many things, some I learned in school, some I learned through the school of life, some I learned through my college roommates who have become lifelong friends.

But mostly, I am reminded that we are all woven together, through a fabric of ideas, hope, optimism, and strength. And that’s the kind of kindness that is meant to be passed on and passed down through all forms of life.

Even twenty years later, as we have aged, and grown, and changed, I hold dear the ideas, hope and optimism I find in knowing I have friends. Those who support and give me strength because they know me, they see me and together we honor all that we each have together, and separate.

Indeed, that may be the very best form of kindness.

More tomorrow….


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