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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 69 :: 31 acts of kindness

13 Mar


I love this find from A Cookie Before Dinner. It’s a simple list of intentional acts of kindness. The simple, easy, everyday kinds of kindness. Download the guide at this link below.

31 Intentional Acts Of Kindness

  1. Hold the door open for someone.
  2. Pay for the drive thru order of someone behind you. (Malone’s absolute favorite one in the entire world.)
  3. Send snail mail to a friend.
  4. Call your parents.
  5. Bring a treat to a friend.
  6. Send an I love you text to someone you care about.
  7. Instead of wishing someone happy birthday on Facebook, call them and tell them how much they mean to you.
  8. Leave change in an envelope for someone at the vending machine.
  9. Return someone else’s cart at the grocery store
  10. Visit your neighbor. (My favorite. We do not bake anything in this house without a piece or two making their way to the neighbor’s house)
  11. Leave a thank you note for your mailman.
  12. Hide a note of encouragement in a library book.
  13. Take old blankets, towels, and sheets to the animal shelter.
  14. Tell your child how special and loved they are.
  15. Be a friendly driver.
  16. Bring a meal to someone who needs it.
  17. Leave a coupon next to the item it is for in the grocery store.
  18. Call and check on someone you know lives alone.
  19. Tell someone they’re doing a great job!
  20. Pay for the toll of the person behind you.
  21. Call a homeless shelter. Ask what they need. Bring it.
  22. Drink water. Take a hot shower. Go for a walk. Be kind to yourself!
  23. Drop a few coins at a playground for a child to find.
  24. Walk the talk. Follow through on something you’ve been meaning to do.
  25. Offer your expertise to someone who is new in your field.
  26. Mail a surprise to a far away friend.
  27. Buy a treat for the cashier when you check out.
  28. Drop off a new stuffed animal to your fire station. Many fire stations keep a small stash to give to a child in crisis.
  29. Leave a “have a happy day” note on the windshield of someone’s car.
  30. Hide a note in the lunch box of your spouse or child.
  31. Get down to their level and look your child in the eye when they speak to you

Check it out here.
Have an act you would add?

More tomorrow….

{intentional acts of kindness}

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