JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 75 :: sunny kindness

19 Mar


The sun came out today. It was marvelous. The warm sunshine was just what I needed to start feeling like a human again. It’s also what the delicate little flowers needed, and Pup too.

We went for a walk, Mr. Pup and I. Or, rather, he took me for a walk. It was my intentional act of kindness today. On our walk, we saw squirrels and tennis balls and other dogs and mud. LOTS of mud. Stick to your shins like cake batter kind of mud.

I gave my shoes a bath when we returned home.
But it was all worth it because the sun was out.
And so were we.

There’s nothing more refreshing, and kind, that sunshine on what feels like a break from winter springy day.

More tomorrow….


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