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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 97 :: kindness comes in pretty packages

10 Apr

You’ve Got Mail. 

Ah, kindness. You’re starting to kick in. Or kick my butt. So many lessons learned already in these short few months.

Some, are lessons I would rather not see in myself. A shade of unkindness, a shadow of mean, a sting of being sorry for words better off not said. But, as we know, when you are ready the teacher appears. And so, with each lesson, I remain open to the meaning. And growth.

And then, there are the surprises!

Today, I received a pretty little package in the mail, from a friend. It held a little red card and inside a little red envelope and inside of that a beautiful note and pretty little penny. And, for me, it was a huge surprise.

It was beyond kind. The KIND of KINDNESS that you don’t expect.

And that has me thinking… maybe making a promise of intentional kindness isn’t so much about what I give. Maybe it’s also about opening up the door to receive.

As the year moves forward we shall see. Until then, may kindness find you with beautiful little surprises (and lessons that don’t sting).

More tomorrow….


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