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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 102 :: birthday kindness

15 Apr


Pup turned sixteen today. He’s the Number One dog around here – marked with the shape of a number one on his chest in a patch of white fur.

It’s more than a moniker for his highness or a mark on his chest. It is his essence. He is a sweet boy, as kind (and stubborn) as they come. Ironically his birthday is on Tax Day, April 15. He is the kindest part of this day, every year.

Today he had his most favorite of adventures – a car ride to the park, a sniff along the shore, and a walk down the boardwalk to meet and greet all sorts of people.

As part of our annual tradition, today was also The Pinning Ceremony – the day we pin the new number on his chest. A tradition since his 10th birthday. It’s just a paper cutout of a number taped to his chest long enough to snap a photo while we feed him treats.

Today, we pinned a six next to his one. Sweet Sixteen.
So sweet it is.

He loves it.
So do we.

He was lost and found. Left on the side of an Oregon highway in a box with a bunch of puppy sisters. Found by Justin. Loved by us both.

Happy Birthday, dear Pup. You teach us kindness every single day. And also, how to be stubborn and get what you want. The perfect blend if you ask me!

More tomorrow….


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