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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 107 :: blanking kindness

20 Apr

Writing the future.

I’m reading a new book – or, rather listening to one on Audible. It’s called The Three Laws of Performance.

You can listen to an audio sample here.

In it, a concept is shared called, “blanking the canvas.” And I like it. It’s all about needing to wipe the slate clean in order to create a new future. Or, possibly better said, in order to create a new future you need to wipe out the past – or at least come to terms with it, releasing yourself from it.

By doing this, you create space. Space to write a new future.

And that has me thinking about my promise of kindness. Maybe, just maybe, to create a future of kindness we have to come to terms with the unkindness of the past.

And maybe, by being honest about the past, forgiving it, settling it, moving on from it, we can all move into a future written on the pages of kindness.

Here’s to writing the future.

More tomorrow….


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