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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY :: 131 finding nemo

14 May


We watched fish swim today. Inside a pet store. As we stood there taking in all the different kinds of fish I pointed and yelled “Dory!” and then “Nemo!”

As we walked down the aisle I heard a small child yell the same thing behind me. And then another. “Dory!’ “Nemo!”

It made me think about the power of stories, and the universal search for family. Even stories about fish can bring out the true power of love in us human families. So on this Mother’s Day, I’m thinking about the power of love, and finding family in those we love. And those who love us back. Whether it is Moms, Grandmas, Mother-in-Laws or Fairy Godmothers.

Here’s to family. And Moms. All the moms who help us find our stories.

More tomorrow….


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