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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 132 :: the kindness of food

15 May

Feed Me Phoebe! 

Today, I am so excited to share a certain kind of kindness. The kind that comes when friends share their best advice with each other. Even more so, the kind of friends who inspire.

Meet Phoebe! 
Phoebe Lapine is an amazing woman who I met when we lived on Martha’s Vineyard. She had just published her first book In The Small Kitchen. Since then, we have both experienced The Adventures of The Thyroid (as I like to call it).

Phoebe was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in her early twenties, and felt overwhelmed by her doctor’s strict protocols and confused when they directly conflicted with information on the bestseller list. Throughout her yearlong health journey, she created 12 of her own wellness directives which make up her NEW book!

Tomorrow is the official launch day of Pheobe’s new book:  The Wellness Project. In it, she shares the insightful and hilarious result of that year of exploration—part memoir and part health and wellness primer. Hint, hint: it comes with tons of recipes too!

I am honored to interview Phoebe and ask her to share her BEST TIPS and BRILLIANCE with The Promise Daily readers. Her wisdom is below… and if you ask me, healthy wisdom is the sort of KINDNESS that should be shared!

Q: How were you first diagnosed?
I was diagnosed when I was 22 by my childhood doctor during a standard yearly checkup. I’m so grateful that she did a comprehensive thyroid panel and caught the Hashimoto’s. But the only treatment she presented was medication. And the idea of being dependent on pills for the rest of my life was not something I wanted to sign up for. So I did what any super mature twenty-something would do in my shoes: I pretended like the conversation never happened and went on living my life!

In the years that followed, my thyroid slowly went completely off the rails. And that eventually led me to starting The Wellness Project. My instincts were right that the pills wouldn’t heal me on their own. It just took me a little while longer to figure out what other changes I needed to apply to my life.

Q: What is your best tip for someone who isn’t sure where to start with revamping their health? (easiest way to get started)

Start with baby steps, one change at a time. Go slowly, steadily, and with the first intention being to pay attention. Make your one change in isolation so you can really tease out the impact on both your health and your hedonism. Only then can you decide whether or not a health practice is worth the time money and energy we spend on it.

Q: Best physical health tip?

Go on an elimination diet. Hidden food sensitivities are at the root of so many symptoms. Figuring out your triggers will quiet a lot of the questioning around your diet, and certainly some of the shame surrounding your “shoulds.”

Q: Best spiritual health tip?

Set aside 10 minutes every morning to sit still and breathe.

Q: Best new recipe in your book!?

The turmeric braised chicken with leeks and golden beets. The recipe is so simple: you just throw everything in a baking dish, give it a hosing of white wine and lemon juice, and let it hang out in the oven. It’s the type of recipe that’s easy enough for the weekend and interesting enough to serve to company—basically, my requirements for any recipe!

Thank you Phoebe!!!
For your kindness and wisdom. You can catch more of Phoebe here: Feed Me Phoebe.

More tomorrow….


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