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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 136 :: 4-letter word friday

19 May


Thank you, Seattle. You gave us a wonderful little adventure these last two days. Even though we just bopped down for a little while it was worth our while.

Seattle is synonymous with music – especially for people my age. And ironically, on our trip down to the Emerald City I learned that one of the Grunge Gods was gone. Chris Cornell.

The scene in the city was sobering. Including the sidewalk memorials and offerings to honor Cornell’s life and contributions – like this one at Easy Street Records. They played all Chris Cornell over the stereo speakers today. All Soundgarden, Audio Slave and Temple of the Dog. It was as if the walls could talk. Or sing.

Speaking of songs. Music lives on.
This I know is true.

We visited another record store today, in another part of the city. It was more Clapton than Cornell. A little bit Aretha and a lot of soul.

These walls did talk. And so did the record displays. Literally. Signed by different musicians in black marker over the wooden casings.

The owners talked too. About their passion for music (Dave named all his 50 favorite artists in less than 21 seconds) and the equipment that makes them sound so good (the lighting was installed to be able to see the records so well you could tell if they were scratched or not).

Ironically, I learned much about kindness too. Each record goes through an entire scrutiny before it is sold. They literally pulled it out of its jacket and inspected it for “boulders” – those little pieces of paper that fall from the jacket into the record grooves. I watched as they inspected and then cleaned the records Justin bought with precision and care.

Such KINDNESS I thought to myself. So much love. So much care.

So tonight’s post is dedicated to The Record Keepers. Both those that watch over the vintage tunes of the annals of music history, and literally each groove of every LP. And to those who leave us the music that will continue to play on.

He Bops.
She Bops.
We Bop.

More tomorrow….

{for the love of music}

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