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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 140 kindness is…

23 May


I have been reflecting on the perfection of imperfections. Being perfectly imperfect. Mostly because of a table that we painted.

I love to paint furniture. It makes me happy. Especially if it has good “bones” that a color will bring out. We found a table that had good bones. An oak specimen that needed a little love. It was free. It was a perfect painter.

Fifty dollars later… we have a perfectly imperfect table.  It was almost perfect when we brought it inside. Painted Colonial Red and shiny bright we placed it in the living room. Then I noticed a small spot on the corner that needed to be touched up.

We tried to fix the spot and ruined a full corner.

The next day, we dragged it outside and resprayed the entire top. The paint immediately blistered and peeled away, causing the entire top of the table to be ruined. I mean RUINED.

It was almost perfect. Then we ruined it. Twice. So I went to the store and bought the one magical paint fix I know of — Killz Primer. I proceeded to not only paint a new coat of primer on the table, I also sang to it.

As I looked at the blistered Colonial Red table I kept thinking of kindness. What would be the kindest thing I could do to this table? It seemed the only trick I had left was to love it. Thus, the singing.

It worked. The table is back to functional.

The table now sits back inside. A little bumpy. A little streaked in all the wrong places. She is perfectly imperfect. And she has taught me a very valuable lesson in kindness: know the difference between a small spot and big issue. And being perfectly imperfect!

More tomorrow….


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