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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 145 :: kindness on consignment

29 May

Finding kindness.  

Yesterday I found kindness on consignment. It was sitting on a shelf. Imagine my surprise…I moved it to this chair for a better photo:

It reminds me of this quote:

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.”― Wendy Mass

It also had me thinking about the kindness of consignment. Passing something on to someone else once it has met its mission in your life. I wonder who owned this “Be Kind” art piece. Why did they buy it? How long did it hang on their wall? What did they think when they looked at it? Did they pay attention to kindness? Did it change their life, or the lives of others in their life?

Who knows….

It has done its job well, by already showing up in mine. Even though I just snapped a photo I saw it. I really saw it for what it is. A reminder of what we all want.

To be seen. Even if sitting on a shelf in a consignment shop.
How kind.

More tomorrow….

{what are you seeing?}

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