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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 146 :: spinning kindness

30 May

Air Plane.  

The airport is busier than one would think at almost midnight. The hallways are still buzzing, carts are moving, luggage is rolling, the moving walkway is moving.

And the children are dancing.

I am sitting here, intrigued, watching the children around me. One is pretending to be an airplane flying in the air, spinning around in circles, getting dizzy with excitement about the planes outside the big windows beyond before he boards the plane for a great adventure.

The other is bouncing up and down on his mother’s lap, in soft and snuggly pajamas. The kind that have feet and a zipper up the front. The kind I wish I were wearing before I board this red eye plane ride.

But I probably wouldn’t wear onesies pajamas or spin and twirl in the airport pretending to be a plane. It would look odd. Me, a grown woman with size 10 feet and almost 6 feet tall.

But wouldn’t it be fun?  And maybe kind to my soul?

The adults around me look exhausted. Anxiously awaiting their boarding call, the cramped seats, and tiny bathroom. They are wrapped up in head pillows and scarves with noses in books waiting for the boarding to begin, pretending this will be tolerable. I know, because I am one of them.

And yet, the children dance.

I take it as a message. Maybe kindness is telling me to lighten up. Maybe the airport is reminding me that we all start out as open minded travelers in this world, spinning with delight for every adventure.

What a trip.
…and good reminder.

More tomorrow….


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