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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 168 :: believing in kindness

9 Jul


We just left Wonder Woman, the movie. The movie that is grossing more than Deadpool did. The movie that has women and little girls talking. The movie that was hyped to be amazing.

Not everyone I saw the movie with loved it. But, I was inspired. Not by the woman power thing (although that was great) and not by the super power thing (although entertaining) and not even by the costume thing (okay, I admit, I LOVED her boots!).

No, I was inspired by something else…. belief.

It was a theme that I felt running throughout the movie. Believing in what you are called to do. Believing in what you think is right. Believing in others. Believing in yourself.

At one point in the movie, my little niece leaned over and said, “She’s awesome” as Wonder Woman staved off bullets and guns and raced to save the villagers. As the scene continued where Wonder Woman was the only one brave enough to walk through a storm of firing shots and use her shield to defend and conquer, because she knew it was the right thing to do  –  that same niece learned over and said, “Okay, she’s really awesome!”

If a movie can do that, capture the attention of little girl even for a moment, even for a spark of admiration of strength and character and belief in oneself, then I think that’s pretty wonderful.

And maybe that’s what this movie hoopla is really about. Suspending time for just a moment to believe. Even if it is in a far-fetched CGI tale of Amazonian women warriors who are really cartoons and do only what superheroes can do in a movie.

But isn’t that what movies are supposed to do?

For just those few moments, I was inspired to believe. In love and kindness and all things that are right in this world.

(…and, of course, those boots!)

More tomorrow….


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