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 JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 171 :: golden kindness

12 Jul


I read a book a long time ago and something in it stuck with me. The Golden Circle. It was an asian tradition that placed a “golden circle” around the mother and baby after childbirth. It was meant to keep them safe, healthy and well cared for during the first days and months of being newly born. In my memory, I believe the families surrounded them in love and took care of all their physical needs.

Of course, now, I can’t find that book. Or that reference. But the idea still sits in my mind. What a KIND concept, whatever it’s called, I like “The Golden Circle.”

Recently I spoke with a dear friend who happens to be going through a divorce. Right at the time when I was getting married. Two major life moments. Two very important life transitions, each wtih their own ceremonies, decrees, emotional transformations.

These two moments have me thinking about the Golden Circle – or whatever it is really called! Whatever the name, I love the concept. And how lovely and KIND it would be if we could just request this sort of support from our friends when we needed it. Whether for a day or month. Or longer.

Of course, I think we can or could. It’s just the vernacular, the name, the concept that has to be defined first. So… I’m throwing this out there! Why not? In this year of kindness let’s create the language of a golden circle of support.

How kind!

More tomorrow….


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