JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 173 kindness of hugs

14 Jul

From a Stranger.

Over the course of this year I have observed kindness in so many ways. But today, I was incredible moved by a young lady named Brea.

As I walked by the Fairhaven courtyard I saw Brea sitting on a blanket. She looked up at me and smile. She smiled as if she knew me. Then she extended her arms. I stopped and squinted in her direction, wonderng if I knew her. She wasn’t phased, she kept pulsing her arms, convinved that she wanted to hug me.

I stopped and smiled back at her beautiful smile. “Do you want a hug?” I asked.

She stood up and squealed with joy. Then Brea hugged me. It was the best gift I have received all week.

Her friend and aid, Lori, explained that Brea has autism and she loves to give people free hugs. She also told me about other activiites she loves, like horseback riding.

I wasn’t surprised. We recently rode horses while in Estes Park, and while I was sitting on the back of a massive creature, I was reminded about trust and kindness. It takes both to allow a human to climb on your back, saddle up, and roam a mountainside trail.

It also takes trust and kindness to give away free hugs.
So, thank you Brea. For making my day.
And the hugs!

More tomorrow….

{hug someone}

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