JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 175 :: recognizing kindness in the ones you love

16 Jul

Kind Moves.

I’ve been paying attention to kindness. And something very interesting is happening… I am begining to see the most kind behavior in those I love the most. Which makes sense since I spend the most time with these people.

And yet…I realize that sometimes we actually miss the point when we see people everyday. Like wallpaper. They are always there. It’s easy to miss or forget to appreciate or notice.

Like yesterday, when Justin demonstrated how to change bedsheets with someone in a bed. I was lying down for a nap. He needed to change the laundry. I whined that I didn’t want to get up from said bed. He told me not to worry, he could pull the sheets out from underneath me.

“What? ” I said back, sure that he was joking.
“Let me show you.” he smiled. “I had to do this all the time with my elderly patients.”

He then demonstrated with extreme kindness how he could roll a sheet up and out from underneath me while barely moving my body. As he worked the sheets around the bed he teased, “Okay, Ms. Eslinger, I’m just going to move your slightly to get this sheet out.”

As I watched him with awe I felt a tug at my side and a tug at my heart. He was so gentle and kind and thoughtful and funny all at the same time.

“I bet your patients loved you.” I said as I looked into his face with awe. As if I was seeing a side of him I have been forgetting to notice. His kindness happens so often I forget to see it. But like wallpaper, it’s always there.

So, here’s to noticing the wallpaper. And the people we love the most.
With kindness.

More tomorrow….


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