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 JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 194 :: kind little lemons

5 Aug


It’s funny, as I age, I actually enjoy doing the things I whined about when I was little. They seem like small, little, luxuries now: Going to bed early. Vacuuming. A clean bathroom.

And today, that’s what I did. I scrubbed and cleaned and couldn’t get marks off the bottom of my bathtub. Finally, I looked around the bathroom for a stronger cleaner and found something within reach: lemon essential oil.

I once tried to put this same lemon essential oil in my bath water. Which was a big mistake. It burnt my skin. I probably used too much in hindsight but as I looked at the bottle today I thought it might do the trick.

And, guess what…. it worked. So easy. (And smells so good.)

I have heard of the cleansing properties of lemon. I have heard of the healing properties too. So I looked up a few of them tonight:

Gotta love the lemons.

It seems so kind to clean with a natural source.
Thank you lemon for turning the smudge marks in my bathtub into lemon-aid.

More tomorrow….


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