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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 210 :: total eclipse

21 Aug

Kind Reminders.

What a day! Historical. Amazing. Scientifically mind-boggling…. and on top of all that…. I made this! A box. A magic box. I watched the eclipse through this box.

We couldn’t track down the special glasses in time to replace the recalled ones that Justin found. But, it made me realize this: In such a high-tech world it’s easy to forget how things actually work. Which is why this box was the second attempt at an eclipse watching box that I made today. My first one was too small. But then I figured it out. (Thanks Google!)

Just. In. Time.

I watched the sun and the moon through the pinhole reflection in my box. But the COOLEST thing I saw today was the shadows being cast across everything.

Onto my desk:

From the trees…

Across the parking lot…

And the sides of the building…

So many moon shapes. Everywhere I looked.

It was literally eye-opening on a day when we were all told to keep our eyes shut – or at least protected. What a very, very, very cool thing to witness in the middle of the day. It was a BIG DEAL, of course, but also a good reminder to stay fascinated, and illuminated, and connected with the Earth we all call home.

How kind.

More tomorrow….


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