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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 244 :: 4-letter word friday

1 Sep


I recently created this:  The Love List.

It’s a little notebook where I keep a list of what brings me joy. And every week I plan to pull it out and get an account of what I did on this list.

Did I attempt anything of the List?
Did I make room or space or time for anything on the Love List?
Did I try?

It’s important for many reasons…

  • Why go through life not doing the things we love?
  • If we love something, why not make room for it?
  • Shouldn’t we plan time around what we love?

So far I have noticed this – what we love doesn’t always get attention, or time or space. That’s why this week’s 4-letter word is LOVE.

My Challenge:
I am spending the next 30 days doing one thing on my Love List every single day.
I invite you to join me!
Ready to make a list?

More tomorrow….

{Love List?}

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