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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 273 :: a mission of love

30 Sep


Oh, October! You are almost here… and I think I’m “getting it” now. October is the “aha” month. The month when things begin to make sense. And, in this year of making a 365-day promise of intentional acts of KINDNESS I am reminded of the most powerful lesson of all – LOVE.

My promise this year is wrapping itself all the way back around and touching my heart with the most original lesson of all – LOVE.

My mission in this life is love. Thus, it seems, all my lessons are about love too. They come in different forms of course. And this year, it seems, love wants to remind me to have fun -to play- and to tap into my passion.

Oh, October, I know you have more waiting for me. Until then (tomorrow it all begins) I will remember to walk with love on the soles of my shoes – and a playful heart.


More tomorrow….



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