JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 295 :: kind & relaxing

22 Oct
{Gilmore Girls}

Today was my lazy day. I ended up doing more than planned, and I have to say, that feels productive. And kind. Something about underpromising and overdelivering (even if only to my psyche!).

To cap it all off, I have decided to catch up with the girls – the Gilmore Girls.

Somehow I missed this show. It must have landed in my hectic, crazy busy years. But I have to say, it is fun to catch up on a time that already seems so far away. Slower pace. Small town charm.

And yet, the coffee addiction feels the same. This may be the sole TV character closest to my own coffee passion. Ironically, in this year of kindness, I have (again) given up coffee.

I am starting to think of it as a hiatus. Coffee is just on sabbatical. Feels better that way. And, it’s probably closer to the truth. I’m sure I will rebound at some date in the future. Until then, I will enjoy Lorelai Gilmore’s coffee addiction on screen as I get caught up on a decade I apparently missed.

And somehow, that seems kind.

More tomorrow…


{be kind to yourself}

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