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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 312 :: one word

8 Nov

I have often said that words are medicine. I believe that words are indeed medicine. I know this from my own life, and the power that words have given me.

My friend Jenn sent me an email at the height of my divorce disaster. Inside it, she wrote,” I know you will get through this because you are made of steel and sunshine.” Those words were the exact medicine I needed at that exact time.

I still believe in the power of words.  One kind word can change someone’s day — or week — or life.

This Year of Kindness is teaching me to change my words. To use the words of kindness, belief, trust, and faith. The kinder my words, the kinder my life. The kinder my thoughts, the kinder my words. The kinder my beliefs, the kinder my thoughts.

It is a beautiful circle. A powerful medicine.

Don’t believe me?  Just try it on for a moment.
Change your words. I believe it will change your life.

More tomorrow…


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