JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 345 :: christmas kindness

12 Dec

Today I continue the month of Christmas Kindness!

I lost my wallet this weekend. Somewhere in Seattle.

I have no idea where. I know when I last saw it and when I had it in my hands. But when I went to pay for my Chinese food, after eating a full meal in a sit-down restaurant, just after they delivered the fortune cookie, I opened up my purse and there was NO wallet.

I thought I left it in my doctor’s office, because it was the last time I had my wallet. The office was closed so I was told to wait until Monday for them to check the office.

Then I thought maybe I lost it in my car, like it had fallen out somewhere. It wasn’t anywhere to be found.

Sunday morning I woke up to fraudulent charges on one of my credit cards — at a 7 Eleven of all places! It was enough to confirm what I was afraid of… the wallet was stolen. Or swiped. Or picked up somewhere on my path that day.

After canceling all my bank cards and researching how to get a replacement driver’s license and trying to take account of all that was actually in my wallet (gift cards, cash, store rewards cards) I realized something….

Maybe the person that found/swiped/picked up or somehow discovered my wallet needed it more than I did.  Maybe they needed that gift card to JC Penny’s for a Christmas gift. Maybe they needed that wad of Canadian dollars for a trip across the border. Maybe it made their day or changed their life.

Luckily, I am able to replace everything in the wallet with the same or something better.

So maybe… just maybe… it landed exactly where it needed to be with who needed it most. And maybe, seeing it all from that point of view is a way of sharing the holiday spirit.

Maybe, that is Christmas Kindness. As my fortune cookie said, “The gift is in the thought.”

More tomorrow…



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