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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 362 :: a gentle year

28 Dec

Ah, Kindness. You have been so, well, kind to me this year. As I reflect on these final days of 2017 I am aware of all the kindness and conflict and chaos that we have seen this year.

I am also aware that Chaos brings out the Kindness in us.

Chaos. Kindness. They may be opposite ends of the same coin. Parallels. Balances in the universe, quite possibly. But can we have one without the other?

I don’t know. If so, I prefer kindness.

As the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation says, “Kindness Starts with One.” And as this year has taught me that is true. Whether it is in our kind thoughts, deeds, dos and don’ts.

In fact, that might be the biggest lesson of all. Kindness begins with our thoughts. Thoughts become beliefs. We turn our beliefs into actions.

It’s all an act.
A kind one.

More tomorrow…


{start with one}

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